Crescent Nath With Zircon


Nose Ring/Nath for left side pierced nose

Length: 0.25 inches/6.55 mm

Width of Crescent moon: 0.086 inches/2.18 mm

Thickness of wire: 19 gauge

All our Nose Pins have been handcrafted in 92.5% Sterling Silver with Semi Precious Gem Stones.
Owing to its small size & craftsmanship 925 Hallmarking is not always possible, as the process requires an application of strong force on the metal.
They have a standard ‘S’ Shape Wired Back
The wire of Nose Pins for pierced nose isn’t too thick and fits mostly all comfortably.
Thickness of the wire is about 19 Gauge.
Since we do not have a cancellation policy, we request you to carefully read the above details and refer the product pictures before placing an order.

Happy Scoring!

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